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  • Most of the people that used to be relevant are not any more. Times change. This is a business. You have to keep relevant, because there's always some kid in his bedroom making ridiculous records! All the heroes that I grew up with are just not relevant right now because they're not willing to change with the times.

    Dennis Ferrer
  • House Music is a Feeling... a feeling that will never die.

  • Not everyone understands House music; it’s a spiritual thing; a body thing; a soul thing.

    Eddie Amador
  • In human life no-one is inventing something. It's always the remix of the remix of the remix. I am the remix of my father.

    Ricardo Villalobos
  • I love music more than I love people.

    Jeff Mills


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    Dj Free

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Full Nick Name: DJ FREE Birth Date: 1987/08/29 Place Of Birth: Budapest Occupation: DJ, Producer & Anchorman

    Best Known For

    DJ Free is a 27 years old DJ and producer, the determining shape of this trade in Hungary. More than 10 years now he is amuses the audience in the capital city, of course in the biggest clubs mostly as a host.

    Every week we can hear his songs and mixes in the most popular clubs and radios and he works as an anchorman too.

    These are the clubs (Bank Dance Hall, Sensation, Dokk, STUDIO, White Angel, Moulin Rouge, Bed Beach, Liget Club), and famous radios (Roxy, Rise FM, Radio Face, Music FM, OneMusicRadio, BeatBird FM) where he worked and working now.

    The Hungarian Disc Jockey Association are nominated him as a DJ of the year several times and since 2010 he is included the most popular Djs in Hungary.

    He is a teacher in a special college, teaching how to become an anchorman in the European Light and Voice Academy.


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Phone: +36 70 392 9929



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